Author: Dan Pratt

Faithful Questions for Faithful Mormons

The Purpose of Questions The Restoration of the Gospel began because of a question (JS-H 1:13). Personal apostasy begins when we stop asking questions (Alma 12:9-11). Therefore, our very salvation depends upon our ability to ask deep and often uncomfortable questions. Unfortunately, many Mormons doubt the authenticity of those who ask hard questions so let me clear about my motives. I believe in and strive to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I believe in the restoration of His Gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. I believe the words of the holy prophets as found in scripture (at least...

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The Best Sandwich for Everyone

Do you have a favorite sandwich? If so, then it must be the best sandwich in the world. No other sandwich can satisfy like your sandwich can, right? Everyone should enjoy the best sandwich in the world and no one should be exempt. By golly, we have to make sure everyone gets that awesome sandwich because otherwise there would be no justice in the world. We had better get the word out. You should find like-minded people who like the same sandwich that you do. Luckily, there are two major national sandwich parties that each advocate a certain sandwich....

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