Month: April 2017

Applying for Conscientious Objector Status

When applying for Conscientious Objector (CO), the military requires you to undergo a psychological evaluation. An applicant’s beliefs are not always due to religious training, but can be the result of a highly developed ethical belief. Therefore, an applicant just might have mental illness for believing: 1. An appeal to a priori truth is authoritative or,… 2. An appeal to an unseen being is authoritative. Somehow beliefs in reason and God are the cause of mental illness by the cult of ego because each denies the legitimacy of man’s auto-generating authority over man. One is not diagnosed as mentally...

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Private property vs. Intellectual property

It’s healthy for right anarchists to talk to mutualists now and then. It reminds them what it’s like for statists. One fine example is in conversations about intellectual property. Mutualists feel about private property the same way anarcho-capitalists feel about intellectual property–an outdated thought habit of dubious origin that enriches the rich at the expense of the poor. But capitalist ideas about property are deeply entrenched just like intellectual property ideas for statists. Let’s listen in on a typical conversation between an anarchist and a statist. Andy Anarchist: It’s unjust for a person to limit the use of intellectual...

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